Keep calm and run on



Quick little update

Hi y’all! I apologize for not posting for almost the past month–my laptop totally went out on me so I’ve been procrastinating doing updates from my phone.

Things haven’t slowed down much in terms of running since the last time I posted. I’m running three nights a week with my fantastic co-worker, Shannon. We’re still working on Couch-to-5k and just finished Week 6, Day 1. It wasn’t too bad, but I’m already thinking about W2/D2 where it was us running a solid 20 minutes straight. I’d like to add that it is significantly easier to run with a buddy–the time goes by so much faster and you find the motivation to get through it when teamed up.

I definitely have not been eating right, which has really taken a toll on my body in terms of energy. Today, I pigged up on an entire bag of Pop Chips. They’re just so tasty! I gotta get back to my regular routine of yummy and healthy foods.

Sometime soon, there will be a 5k scheduled to honor the victims at Sandy Hook Elementary. Although I am fortunate to know experience a personal tragic loss, it is an extremely hard to watch your local community go through something like this. Living only a half hour away from Newtown, it’ll be nice to participate in an event support my fellow Fairfield County residents. As soon as I have more information, I’ll gladly post it in case anyone else is interested.

Talk to you soon!

Return to running after the holidays

Man oh man, I can’t believe it’s already the Monday after Thanksgiving.  I didn’t do any physical activity from Friday-Sunday besides eating until my digestive system had a work out.  HOWEVER!  My co-worker, Shannon, and I went for a run after work.  We’re did Week 4 – Day 1 of the Couch-to-5k program.  It’s great running after work with a friend who can encourage you to keep going after a long break.

36:31 – 11/22/12 5k Turkey Trot

Yesterday was my first 5k in years, and it was fantastic!  I must say, I was nervous that morning.  I knew I was going to finish (whether it was at a full-speed run or a zombie-like walk through the finish line), but I just didn’t want to come in last.  Since I hadn’t ever really taken one of these seriously, I wasn’t sure what to expect as a first-time runner.  Were the long-time runners going to laugh as they blew past me?  Well, they didn’t.

There were definitely people of all ages–from babies being pushed in a stroller to an older lady that ran in clogs.  I gotta give ’em credit.  I felt more and more comfortable as the race went on, plus it was nice that my mom came with me for support.  I had always heard that it’s very easy to get carried away in the immediate hype of the horn sounding off and everyone rushing through the starting gate.  I was thankfully able to keep at my own pace despite others totally outrunning me and others falling behind.

Before I knew it, I was at the 1 mile marker.  It’s totally incredible how fast time flies when you’re in a 5k and running along a beautiful ocean scenery.  Soon enough I was at the 2 mile marker and I was feeling pretty impowered.  I wasn’t getting as winded as I assumed I was going to, and was able to keep up with a ten minute run, two minute walk routine.  People who lived in houses along the course came outside to cheer, which was really nice and definitely kept me going even more.  Then, all of a sudden, I turned a corner and saw the finish line in sight.  I was able to push through the last 3/4 of a mile and beast it to the finish with a 36:31 time.

Sure, I didn’t break any records but I was glad I came in under 45 minutes.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, at all, since my fartherest run was 2.86 miles at 38 minutes.  I’m pretty proud of myself.  On to the next 5k!